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Legal alerts

Legal Alert – Carried Interest Is Not Employment Income

The current legal practice on the taxation of carried interest seems to support its taxation as investment income. Recently, the Supreme Administrative Court (SAC) issued a ruling on 16 March 2017 in a case concerning the tax treatment of carried… Read more

Legal alerts / 27 Mar 2017

Legal Alert – Mortgage Notes To Be Issued in Electronic Form Only – Deadline Approaching

Legal alerts / 17 Mar 2017

Legal Alert – Government Proposes Changes to Finnish Mining Legislation

Legal alerts / 1 Mar 2017

Legal Alert – New Rules on Taxation of Hybrid Instruments

Legal alerts / 28 Feb 2017

Legal Alert – Supreme Court Decides to Include VAT in Environmental Permits’ Security Amounts

Legal alerts / 21 Feb 2017

Legal Alert – Ministry of Finance Proposes Changes to the Taxation of Dividends and Earned Income

Legal alerts / 13 Feb 2017

Legal Alert – Supreme Administrative Court’s New Ruling Confirms Current Legal Practice of Profit Participation Loan Taxation and Clarifies Scope of General Tax Avoidance Rule

Legal alerts / 8 Feb 2017

Legal Alert – New Guidance on European Data Protection Regulation Released by the WP29

Legal alerts / 3 Feb 2017

Legal Alert – Finnish Supreme Administrative Court Confirms Debt Push Down through Profit Distribution

Legal alerts / 18 Jan 2017

Legal Alert – Recent Legislative Changes Extend Employees’ Rights in Case of Redundancy

Legal alerts / 10 Jan 2017