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Legal alerts

Legal Alert – US Department of Justice Announced Revised Corporate Enforcement Policy Affecting Corruption Sanctions

The US Department of Justice announced a new FCPA Corporate Enforcement Policy that will affect companies’ investigations under the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA). This revised policy confirms and builds on the FCPA Pilot Program that has been in… Read more

Legal alerts / 8 Dec 2017

Legal Alert – A Broader Leave to Appeal System Introduced for Environmental Matters

Legal alerts / 8 Dec 2017

Legal Alert – Finnish Tax Provisions on Tax Neutral Asset Transfer Conflicting with EU Law

Legal alerts / 28 Nov 2017

Legal Alert – Government Proposes Introduction of a Tender-Based Premium System for Renewable Energy Subsidy

Legal alerts / 14 Nov 2017

Legal Alert – New Precedent on Indirect Loss and Express Warranty in the Sale of Goods

Legal alerts / 8 Nov 2017

Legal Alert: CACTUS – The CJEU Confirms the Principles of Legitimate Expectations

Legal alerts / 6 Nov 2017

Legal Alert – Upcoming Tax Rate Increases for Wind Farms

Legal alerts / 3 Nov 2017

Legal Alert – Draft Government Bill Proposes New Legislation on Protection of Trade Secrets

Legal alerts / 24 Oct 2017

Legal Alert – New Precedent on Transfer Pricing Sets Limits to Re-characterisation of Transactions

Legal alerts / 19 Sep 2017

Legal Alert – The Finnish Merger Regime to Undergo Changes in the Autumn

Legal alerts / 16 Jun 2017