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Legal alerts

Legal Alert – Upcoming Changes to the Finnish Merger Regime

A working group appointed by the Ministry of Employment and the Economy proposes drastic changes to the Finnish Competition Act in the field of social welfare and health care, as a result of which a merger control is proposed to… Read more

Legal alerts / 17 May 2017

Legal Alert – Supreme Court Revises Its Stance on the Final Settlement of Accounts in Building Contracts (YSE 98) – Debt Collection Affected

Legal alerts / 15 May 2017

Legal Alert – New Precedent on Tax Avoidance in Corporate Restructurings

Legal alerts / 11 May 2017

Legal Alert – Post-Employment Non-Competition Restrictions May Apply Abroad

Legal alerts / 27 Apr 2017

Legal Alert – Finnish Government Aims to Expedite Handling of Appeals Regarding Industrial and Infrastructure Projects

Legal alerts / 21 Apr 2017

Legal Alert – Three-Dimensional Real Estate Formation Provisions To Be Included in Legislation

Legal alerts / 4 Apr 2017

Legal Alert – Carried Interest Is Not Employment Income

Legal alerts / 27 Mar 2017

Legal Alert – Mortgage Notes To Be Issued in Electronic Form Only – Deadline Approaching

Legal alerts / 17 Mar 2017

Legal Alert – Government Proposes Changes to Finnish Mining Legislation

Legal alerts / 1 Mar 2017

Legal Alert – New Rules on Taxation of Hybrid Instruments

Legal alerts / 28 Feb 2017