News / 25 Feb 2008

B&K successfully represents Kemira Oyj in Supreme Court litigation

B&K successfully represented Kemira Oyj in litigation that the company brought against a contractor following an accident that occurred at a Kemira production plant in Oulu. The Finnish Supreme Court gave a preliminary ruling on 15 February 2008. B&K has represented Kemira throughout the entire litigation procedure.

Kemira outsourced the repair and renewal of a voltage discharge gap system to a contractor. To carry out the assignment the contractor requested that Kemira provide the contractor with a crane and crane operator. While working, the crane caused a power cut at the Kemira production plant in Oulu. As a result, production ceased and several people were in serious danger at the scene.

The Supreme Court evaluated the question of liability in the matter and considered the crane and its operator to be related to the electrical work performed by the contractor. Therefore, the contractor was responsible for supervision of the work. The Supreme Court held, in line with lower courts, that the contractor was liable for the actions of the crane operator and the resulting damages.

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