News / 5 Oct 2011

Attorneys at law Borenius publishes “IT2000-KORJAUSSARJA”

Attorneys at law Borenius publishes “IT2000-korjaussarja” contract terms to modify the standard IT2000 terms and conditions. “IT2000-korjaussarja” follows the “IT2010-korjaussarja”.

Our experience is that Finnish IT vendors have not yet widely adopted the IT2010 terms and conditions.

The Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland, the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association, the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY), the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and the Finnish Information Processing Association (FIPA) published the IT2010 contract terms and conditions on 19 May 2010 with the aim to replace the IT2000 terms and conditions.

We still constantly advice our clients procuring IT products and services under the old IT2000 contract terms and conditions. In order to ease and expedite the contract processes we decided to publish standard terms and conditions modifying the IT2000 standard terms and condition (the so-called “IT2000-korjaussarja”).

With the help of Attorneys at law Borenius’ IT2000-korjaussarja, the IT2000 standard terms and conditions are modified to become more equal as reasonable contractual interests of the buyer-customer are taken into account as well. The modifications included in the IT2000-korjaussarja are substantially similar to those included in the IT2010-korjaussarja.

Attorneys at law Borenius’ IT2000-korjaussarja may be included as part of the contract whenever the IT2000 standard terms and conditions.

IT2000-korjaussarja (in Finnish) and earlier published IT2010-korjaussarja (Finnish and English version) are available for all companies at

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Samuli Simojoki

Jukka Airaksinen

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