Legal Alerts / 18 Nov 2014

Legal Alert – Hearing regarding Reference Values for Wind Turbine Generator Noise

A proposal for a new decree on the reference values for wind turbine generator noise is currently on display for public inspection. The hearing started on 18 November and lasts until 15 December 2014. The statements regarding this proposal must be submitted to the Ministry of the Environment. Further instructions can be found on the Ministry’s website.
The proposed values are as follows:

Outside values (LAeq) during the day (07-22) Outside values (LAeq) during the night (22-07)
permanent housing 45 dB 40 dB
recreational housing 45 dB 40 dB
care establishments 45 dB 40 dB
educational establishments 45 dB
recreational areas 45 dB
camping areas 45 dB 40 dB
national parks 40 dB


According to the proposed transitional provisions, the decree would not be applied to land use plans which have been placed on public display when the decree enters into force. Neither would the decree be applied to pending permit applications which have been filed pursuant to the Land Use and Building Act (132/1999) or the environmental protection legislation prior to the entry into force of the decree.

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