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About us

Established in 1911, Borenius is one of the largest and most experienced law firms in Finland. We provide services in all areas of law for corporate clients.

Our commitment to our clients’ success is firmly grounded in strong expertise, long-term commitment, genuine involvement, experience and innovation.

Borenius’ main office in the centre of Helsinki is ideally located to serve the entire Finnish business community. Clients who are located outside of the Helsinki metropolitan area are also served from our Tampere office.

Borenius consists of over 200 employees in three jurisdictions. We provide an easy access to full-scale business law solutions in Finland, Russia and in the U.S. New York.



  • In 2011, B&K proudly celebrates the 100th anniversary of the firm and adopts the name;
    Attorneys at law Borenius. Later on the same year Borenius Group offices in Baltic countries also adopt the name Attorneys at law Borenius.
  • In 2012, Attorneys-At-Law Borenius LLP in New York joins Borenius Group.
  • In 2013, Attorneys at law Borenius opens an office in St. Petersburg.
  • in 2015, Borenius’ adopts its current name; Borenius Attorneys Ltd and Helsinki office moves from Yrjönkatu 13 A to Eteläesplanadi 2. Borenius agrees with the Baltic offices that they will continue their operations outside of the Borenius Group brand alliance. The Baltic offices have been separate legal entities owned by local partners, and they will continue providing market leading legal services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Borenius will carry on building on and strengthening its current presence in Finland, Russia and the United States.
  • in 2015, Borenius introduces its new core values: Respecting others – Toisten arvostaminen, Succeeding together – Yhdessä onnistuminen, Taking pride in our work – Ammattiylpeys
  • in 2016, Partner Casper Herler was appointed as the firm’s new Managing Partner. Current Managing Partner Jari Vikiö was appointed as Senior Partner alongside Jyrki Tähtinen, who continued to act as Senior Partner and Chairman of the Board.


  • In 2000, B&K begins cooperation through the Borenius Group with associated offices in Tallinn, Estonia and Riga, Latvia. These countries are seen as growing business areas for Finnish companies and other investors.
  • In 2001, B&K celebrates its 90th anniversary.
  • In 2002, B&K is the first major law firm in Finland to open a branch office specifically geared to the needs of clients in the high-tech sector. This office is located in the technology hub of Otaniemi, Espoo, at Innopoli 2.
  • In 2003, the Riga office adopts its present name, Attorneys at law Liepa, Skopina / Borenius and the Tallinn office changes its name to Attorneys at law Luiga Mugu & Borenius. Their name is later changed to its present name, Luiga Mody Hääl Borenius.
  • In 2004, B&K begins to cooperate through the Borenius Group with the Lithuanian law firm Foigt & Partners, which adopts a new name Foigt & Partners / Regija Borenius.
  • In 2009, Aminoff & Weissenberg, a leading maritime, transport and insurance law firm, merges into B&K.


  • In 1991, Kullervo Kemppinen, having reached the age of 70, retires and leaves his share in B&K to Jyrki Tähtinen.
  • At the beginning of the 1990s, Christer Ekman also becomes a partner.
  • In 1992, Ritva-Liisa Luomaranta is appointed as the managing partner and Seppo Kemppinen becomes the chairman of the board.
  • In 1997, Jyrki Tähtinen becomes the managing partner, and Christer Ekman is appointed as the chairman of the board.
  • The volume of insolvency cases increases due to the early 1990s recession. Later on B&K assists its clients in many restructuring arrangements and the listing of new companies, especially in the hightech sector.


  • In 1982, both Ritva-Liisa Luomaranta and Seppo Kemppinen become partners.
  • In 1986, the President of the Republic of Finland grants Kullervo Kemppinen the title of Chief Judge.
  • In 1988, Heikki Borenius Jr. passes away.
  • B&K handles major cases related to publicly financed construction projects, managers’ liability and corruption charges.


  • In 1972, Ritva-Liisa Luomaranta becomes the first female attorney to join the firm.
  • In 1977, Seppo Kemppinen, the youngest son of Kullervo Kemppinen, joins B&K.
  • B&K takes care of an ever-increasing number of corporate clients.


  • In 1961, Heikki Borenius Sr. reaches the age of 75 and offers his share in the firm to Kullervo Kemppinen.
  • In 1962, Heikki Borenius Sr. passes away and Kullervo Kemppinen becomes a partner. The firm adopts name Attorneys at law Borenius & Kemppinen.
  • The clientele of the firm includes large businesses and industrial enterprises.
  • Heikki Borenius Jr. and Kullervo Kemppinen serve on the boards of directors of the Finnish Bar Association and the Association of Finnish Lawyers, as well as on the Board of Arbitration of the Central Chamber of Commerce, and on several committees and boards of arbitration.


  • The firm’s clientele expands rapidly with the post-war reconstruction, and several new lawyers are hired.
  • Henrik Castrén leaves the firm in 1957, and Heikki Borenius Jr. takes over his partnership. The firm’s name is changed to Attorneys-at-Law Borenius & Borenius.
  • The Finnish Bar Association invites Heikki Borenius Sr. to become an honorary member when the Act on Advocates is passed in 1958.


  • In post-war times, the quantity of work increases and new cases focus on corporate and contract law. Heikki Borenius Sr. obtains reliable assistance in handling the increasing caseload from, among others, Eero Walentin von Boehm, Lauri Borenius and Eero Rönkä.
  • In 1944, Heikki Borenius Sr. offers partnership to Henrik Castrén.
  • The firm’s name is changed to Attorneys-at-Law Borenius & Castrén.
  • Heikki Antero Borenius, son of Heikki Sr., joins the firm in 1947.


  • Cajus Holma leaves the firm in 1930 and Heikki Borenius Sr. assumes command with great commitment and ambition.
  • Heikki Borenius Sr. changes the firm’s name to Attorney-at-Law Heikki Borenius and further establishes the reputation of the office in civil cases. The majority of cases deal with family and inheritance law, as well as contract and corporate law.
  • Heikki Borenius Sr.’s interest in politics results in the firm handling several criminal cases related to politics, which are keenly followed by the media.


  • Cajus Holma takes a break from the firm to build a career in banking and politics, but returns to Holma & Borenius in 1924.
  • The firm handles cases relating mainly to family and inheritance law.
  • Heikki Borenius Sr. takes part in the activities of the Association of Finnish Lawyers as well as the Finnish Bar Association.


  • In 1911, two young lawyers, Cajus Holma and Ilmari Palmén, establish Attorneys-at-Law Palmén & Holma.
  • The firm serves its clients in the fields of family and inheritance law, as well as insurance law.
  • In 1915, Ilmari Palmén leaves the firm. Heikki Borenius Sr. is offered partnership and the firm’s name is changed to Attorneys-at-Law Holma & Borenius.

Our core values

Succeeding together

We work as one team with our colleagues, clients and business partners. We are stronger together, which drives us to achieve higher levels of success.

Respecting others

We foster a culture of respect within our organisation which we embrace and demonstrate in our dealings with clients, business partners and the community as a whole.

Taking pride in our work

We apply our passion for excellence and innovation for the benefit of our clients. We focus on the process, including client service experience, business ethics and trust, enabling us to produce work of the highest quality and exceed expectations.

Corporate social responsibility


Borenius’ CSR programme was last revised in 2012. It contains several evaluation tasks which will affect the 2015 update.

The programme consists of three key sectors of responsibility: personnel, the local community and the environment.

Borenius operates in the professional services sector and aims to attract top professionals. To be successful we strive to be the best workplace on the market. Accordingly we put particular emphasis on our responsibility towards our personnel.

We will also focus on providing more information about our CSR work.



We acknowledge that how we treat our personnel is of specific importance.

Our strategic goals are to be the best workplace, a market leader in client satisfaction and a forerunner in developing services. These aims require us to implement a variety of measures related to our personnel:

leadership and flexibility

we support professional growth by offering mentoring to our personnel and improving leadership skills by means of ongoing coaching

well-being at work


Each employee at Borenius is treated equally and fairly in respect of career advancement.

By focusing on leadership and flexibility we aim to further women’s career opportunities.

We offer support to employees struggling to achieve a sustainable work-life balance.

More information: HR Director Monica Reikko


Personnel  – Examples

  • Crowded Years Initiative
  • Diversity Charter
    • We participate in developing the Finnish Business and Society’s (FiBS) Diversity Charter Project and were among the Charter’s first signatories
  • Leadership
    • Leadership is strongly emphasised in professional training for lawyers in supervisory positions at Borenius.
    • We engage in open dialogue to find better working methods and solutions.
    • We support professional growth by offering mentoring to our personnel and improving leadership skills by means of ongoing coaching.


Pro bono & Community work

Pro bono work and a commitment to supporting the local communities are at the heart of CSR in the legal field.

We focus our resources on projects which will have a positive effect on as large a group as possible and where our employees’ expertise will have the greatest positive impact.

Where possible, we inform our stakeholders about our involvement in such projects.

More information: Casper Herler


Pro Bono and Community Work – Examples

  • We support the Icehearts ice hockey team which aims to prevent social exclusion among youngsters.
  • As a pro bono project, we are the official legal adviser to the Finnish Paralympic Committee.
  • We assist Club Renata – a sailing project which promotes social inclusion among youngsters.
  • Multicultural trainee programme
    • We wish to encourage youngsters from multicultural backgrounds in respect of their employment in the Finnish business world.
    • We have implemented a multicultural trainee programme aimed at pupils in lower secondary schools.



In order to enhance our environmental performance, we belong to WWF’s (World Wide Fund for Nature) Green Office network. We monitor our footprint and are committed to reducing our use of resources e.g. paper and energy.


The crowded years initiative

Motivated employees are efficient employees. According to recent research in the field of motivation, focusing on your strengths, constantly striving to improve your performance and enjoying your work are the keys to work satisfaction.

There are, however, times when motivation is impacted by lack of time. Each of us will experience times in our lives (what our firm calls the “crowded years”), when balancing work and private life becomes more difficult. This can be when starting a family, raising small children or caring for elderly parents.

In order to provide for a better and more flexible working environment for our employees that are living their crowded years, we have founded the Crowded Years Initiative™ (in Finnish: Ruuhkavuosiprojekti).

We want to be a firm where having a life outside of work is not just possible but encouraged.

As part of the initiative, our firm promotes flexible working times, working from home and joint project leadership. We keep in contact with lawyers on family leave and provide all “returners” with a private mentor to facilitate their integration into the workplace. We train our support personnel in helping our lawyers with the specific challenges that the crowded years bring. We have an internal work-life balance team that coordinates the initiative and constantly monitors work-life balance indicators.

Our ambition is not only to provide our employees with a better way to combine work and private life but to provide a good example to the market in general.