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Legal alerts

Legal Alert: CACTUS – The CJEU Confirms the Principles of Legitimate Expectations

The CJEU rendered on 11 October 2017 its judgement in the Cactus case (C-501/15 P). The judgement confirms that the IP Translator and Praktiker judgments, which fundamentally changed the approach to the scope of protection of EUTMs, do not have… Read more

Legal alerts / 6 Nov 2017

Legal Alert – Upcoming Tax Rate Increases for Wind Farms

Legal alerts / 3 Nov 2017

Legal Alert – Draft Government Bill Proposes New Legislation on Protection of Trade Secrets

Legal alerts / 24 Oct 2017

Legal Alert – New Precedent on Transfer Pricing Sets Limits to Re-characterisation of Transactions

Legal alerts / 19 Sep 2017

Legal Alert – The Finnish Merger Regime to Undergo Changes in the Autumn

Legal alerts / 16 Jun 2017

Legal Alert – Upcoming Changes to the Finnish Merger Regime

Legal alerts / 17 May 2017

Legal Alert – Supreme Court Revises Its Stance on the Final Settlement of Accounts in Building Contracts (YSE 98) – Debt Collection Affected

Legal alerts / 15 May 2017

Legal Alert – New Precedent on Tax Avoidance in Corporate Restructurings

Legal alerts / 11 May 2017

Legal Alert – Post-Employment Non-Competition Restrictions May Apply Abroad

Legal alerts / 27 Apr 2017

Legal Alert – Finnish Government Aims to Expedite Handling of Appeals Regarding Industrial and Infrastructure Projects

Legal alerts / 21 Apr 2017