Legal Alerts

We keep you up to date on changes to both domestic and international legislation. Read our most recent Legal Alerts below.

European Parliament Adopts Legislative Initiative on Corporate Due Diligence and Corporate Accountability

Legal Alerts / 16 Mar 2021

FAQs for COVID-19 Vaccination in Finland

Legal Alerts / 9 Feb 2021

Post-Brexit: Withdrawal of the United Kingdom and Rules on Company Law

Legal Alerts / 27 Jan 2021

New Preliminary Ruling on the VAT Deductibility of Share Acquisition Costs

Legal Alerts / 26 Jan 2021

How Will Brexit Affect Finland?

Legal Alerts / 22 Jan 2021

Sustainability Disclosure Requirements for Fund Managers

Legal Alerts / 21 Jan 2021

Post-Brexit: Recognition and Enforcement of English Judgments in Finland

Legal Alerts / 14 Jan 2021

Significant Preliminary Rulings on Dividend Withholding Tax Exemption of US Investment Funds

Legal Alerts / 7 Jan 2021

Brexit: EU-UK Data Flows to Continue for an Interim Period

Legal Alerts / 29 Dec 2020

Share Issues to Employees: New Favourable Regime to Apply as of 1 January 2021

Legal Alerts / 1 Dec 2020