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Legal alerts

Updated Legal Alert – Finnish Parliament Accepted the “Pay-as-bid” System for Renewable Energy Subsidies

The new Act was implemented by government decree on June 2018 and will enter into force on 25 June 2018. The implementation took place earlier than expected due to the Government’s decision not to apply the Commission’s notification system. This… Read more

Legal alerts / 25 Jun 2018

Legal Alert – The Government Proposes Amendments to the Finnish Competition Act

Legal alerts / 24 May 2018

Legal Alert – New Limitations to the Use of Non-traditional Employment Contracts

Legal alerts / 23 Apr 2018

Legal Alert – Finnish Government Proposes Prohibition of Coal by 2029 and Subsidy for Early Phase-out by 2025

Legal alerts / 17 Apr 2018

Legal Alert – Supreme Administrative Court further clarifies Mining Authority’s cooperation duty with the Sámi people

Legal alerts / 5 Apr 2018

Legal Alert – Supreme Administrative Court Confirms – Depositary Services Are Subject to VAT (in Finnish)

Legal alerts / 29 Mar 2018

Legal Alert – Profound Changes Proposed to the Finnish Corporate Tax System

Legal alerts / 29 Mar 2018

Legal Alert – New Precedent on Taxation of Work Contribution Dividends

Legal alerts / 27 Mar 2018

Legal Alert – Draft Government Proposal for a new Finnish Trademarks Act

Legal alerts / 26 Mar 2018

Legal Alert – Agreement Reached on EU Proposal Aiming for New Transparency Rules for Intermediaries

Legal alerts / 21 Mar 2018