Legal Alerts

We keep you up to date on changes to both domestic and international legislation. Read our most recent Legal Alerts below.

New Precedent on Comparability Analyses and Statistical Tools to Enhance Reliability

Legal Alerts / 23 Sep 2021

New Guidance on Cookies in Finland

Legal Alerts / 16 Sep 2021

New Tax Decisions Introduced in the Latest Government Budget Session

Legal Alerts / 13 Sep 2021

Proposal to widen the scope of the Finnish Transfer Pricing Adjustment Provision

Legal Alerts / 27 Aug 2021

Taxation of Controlled Foreign Corporations Clarified in Finland

Legal Alerts / 27 Aug 2021

Proposed Implementation of the Concept of Economic Employer in Finnish Tax Law

Legal Alerts / 26 Jul 2021

New Amendments to the Finnish Competition Act

Legal Alerts / 22 Jun 2021

The Finnish Mining Tax Takes Steps forward

Legal Alerts / 10 Jun 2021

New Precedent on the Real Estate Taxation of Power Plants

Legal Alerts / 4 Jun 2021

Which Entity Should You Pick when Expanding into the US?

Legal Alerts / 3 Jun 2021