Legal Alerts

We keep you up to date on changes to both domestic and international legislation. Read our most recent Legal Alerts below.

Upcoming Amendments to the Delaware General Corporation Law and Their Implications on Finnish Companies’ U.S. Subsidiaries

Legal Alerts / 29 Jul 2020

Variety of Post-bid Defences Available for Takeover Targets’ Boards

Legal Alerts / 20 Jul 2020

Decision of the Deputy Chancellor of Justice Regarding Attorneys’ Rights During the FCCA Investigations

Legal Alerts / 10 Jul 2020

Listed Companies’ Half-year Reports to Focus on the Impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Legal Alerts / 9 Jul 2020

New Acts to Broaden the Consumer Protection Authorities’ Enforcement Powers Expected to Come into Force in July 2020

Legal Alerts / 23 Jun 2020

Topical Regulation Affecting Alternative Investment Fund Managers

Legal Alerts / 11 Jun 2020

Lessons to be learned from the First Administrative Fines Imposed by the Data Protection Ombudsman – Documentation is the Key

Legal Alerts / 2 Jun 2020

Insights into Possible Amendments to the Finnish Restructuring Act

Legal Alerts / 26 May 2020

Tax Treatment of Final Tax Losses in breach of EU Law

Legal Alerts / 20 May 2020

New Proposals for the Amendment of the Competition Act

Legal Alerts / 14 May 2020