Legal Alerts/29 Oct 2013

Legal Alert – The New Era of Domain Names Begins on 29 October 2013

After several years of preparatory work, the introduction of hundreds of new generic Top-Level Domains (gTLDs) begins within the next weeks.

The Donuts Inc. initiates the requisite Sunrise period in respect of nine new gTLDs on 29 October 2013. The first new gTLDs to be launched are: .camera, .clothing, .equipment, .guru, .holdings, .lighting, .singles, .ventures and .voyage. The Sunrise for these gTLDs will last 60 days.

Only trademark proprietors who have registered their rights at the Trademark Clearinghouse can apply for domain names matching the rights registered at the Trademark Clearinghouse during the Sunrise period.

The trademark proprietors who have registered their rights at the Trademark Clearinghouse can also benefit from the Trademark Claims Service (TCS). The TCS will notify the trademark proprietor and the applicant when the domain name identical with the right owner’s trademark is registered. This allows the trademark proprietor to take the necessary action and, on the other hand, the applicant to withdraw their application in order to avoid conflict.

Attorneys at Law Borenius Ltd is prepared to assist trademark proprietors and other interested parties during and after the DNS expansion.

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