Legal Alerts/3 Sep 2014

Legal Alert – Taxand / IBFD Global Guide to Transfer Pricing 2014

Taxand has collaborated with the IBFD to produce an essential desk top ’ready reference’ guide to transfer pricing worldwide.

Today, transfer pricing is one of the most important issues facing MNCs as they strive to ensure their profits are distributed fairly between each company in the group. However, tax authorities are more concerned than ever that inter-company transfer prices are being used to reduce taxable profits in their jurisdiction. Transfer pricing is now a major tax issue for companies and keeping up to date with all the developments in a challenge.

Our Taxand / IBFD Global Guide to Transfer Pricing 2014 brings you:

  • overview of tax authority and the current transfer pricing laws
  • guidelines, rulings and methodologies in practice
  • standardised chapters, with quick and easy comparisons
  • insight from 36 countries, globally
  • the official text of 2010 OECD Transfer Pricing Guideline

Key transfer pricing information has been provided and assessed by Taxand transfer pricing practitioners and IBFD professionals experienced in working with multinationals. These global practitioners, present their domestic expertise, in an international context. By standardising the structure of the chapters, quick and easy comparisons between countries can be made.

Taxand’s Take

With increased globalisation and growth of multinationals, improved co-ordination between countries is key. Minimising conflict and cooperating across borders promotes international trade and investment. When dealing with ever-changing country tax legislation, increased complexity and the risk of double or multiple taxation, multinationals should be prepared to:

1. Use of effective transfer pricing planning to reduce the increasing costs and burden of compliance

2. Adopt the arm’s length principle and a separate entity approach in OECD countries to promote cross-border transactions

3. Avoid costly litigation by finding mutually satisfactory solutions to transfer pricing issues

4. Consider all aspects of transfer pricing, including the fair allocation of the burden of proof, to achieve a balance between taxpayers and tax administrations interests

Attorneys at law Borenius Ltd is Taxand Finland. As the sole Finnish member of the worldwide Taxand organization, we are also able to meet our clients’ needs globally. For further information about Taxand, please see

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