Legal Alerts/16 Aug 2016

Legal Alert – Administration And Registration Practices Concerning .fi Domain Names to Change as of 5 September 2016

The provisions of the Information Society Code concerning domain names enter into effect on 5 September 2016. The most notable reform is the introduction of the domain name registrar model. Furthermore, the restrictions to the registration of .fi domain names are eased and the terminology is changed.

Effects of domain name registrar model

After the domain name registrar model is implemented, .fi domain names can be registered, renewed and administered only by registered domain name registrars. This means that in the future all changes concerning a domain name must be made through a domain name registrar. For example, an available domain name can be registered only through a domain name registrar with the domain name register maintained by Ficora, the Finnish Communications Regulation Authority.

After this reform Borenius will continue to administer your domain name normally by using a registered domain name registrar. In case Borenius currently administers your domain names, we will transfer your .fi domain names to your selected domain name registrar partner, unless you instruct us otherwise. Therefore the reform does not require direct actions from a domain name holder.

Ficora maintains a register of domain name registrars on its website.

Other changes

Another notable change is the liberalization of registration restrictions concerning .fi domain names. For example, in future also foreign private persons and companies can be users of .fi domain names, and the age limit of 15 years is removed.

After these changes become effective, everyone can apply for first and last name combinations ( In case you want to obtain use of your own first and last name combination, it is advisable to register it before September.

Should you have any further questions, our experts are glad to answer them.

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