News/5 Feb 2015

Kristiina Harenko, One of Finland’s Top Trial Experts, Returns to Borenius After Four Years in the Finnish Supreme and Market Courts

We are delighted to announce the return of Kristiina Harenko to the firm’s dispute resolution team. Kristiina brings with her a wealth of experience from her impressive legal career. During her 11 years at Borenius in the IP & Tech Group (2000 – 2010) she was widely recognised for her unsurpassed IP litigation expertise as a practitioner and was involved in the most demanding landmark cases.
Between 2010 and 2014 Kristiina acted as a Refedendary Counsellor in the Supreme Court and as a Market Court Judge. Kristiina prepared over 300 cases for Supreme Court decision and thereby gained exceptional experience in drafting successful petitions to the Supreme Court in complicated leave to appeal cases. Kristiina was appointed a Market Court judge in 2013.

Kristiina’s career as a lawyer combined with her in-depth experience of the court system has provided her with a unique array of skills in the fields that are important for any company facing dispute resolution challenges:

  • technical expertise and ability to assist clients with demanding and complex dispute resolution needs
  • significant insight and experience from both sides of the bench
  • a wealth of experience to provide clients with qualified in-depth analysis of their chances of success in complicated dispute cases
  • valuable advice to ensure that the dispute resolution process is carried out as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible

“Kristiina’s return to the firm following her experience with the Supreme Court and more recently the Market Court has been generating a lot of interest. Kristiina has such great experience and understanding which she can use to obtain the best possible results for clients. Her expertise and skills further strengthen Borenius’ ability to provide high quality service and advice in relation to a wide range of practice areas”, says Partner Ben Rapinoja.

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