News/21 Sep 2015

Borenius Crystallizing its Brand Presence

Borenius has agreed with the Baltic offices that they will continue their operations outside of the Borenius Group brand alliance. The Baltic offices will cease to be part of the Borenius Group during the course of a locally defined transition period. This decision was supported by recent legal market changes in the Baltic area and by our firm’s focus on developing its core business under the Borenius brand.

The Baltic offices have been separate legal entities owned by local partners, and they will continue providing market leading legal services in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia. Borenius will carry on building on and strengthening its current presence in Finland, Russia and the United States. Over 15 years of close cooperation ensures that both Borenius and each of the Baltic offices will still have a substantial market presence in the Baltics.

The Baltic offices will communicate their future plans during this autumn in each respective location.

This change does not affect any ongoing client assignments in the Baltics.

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