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Borenius publishes Korjaussarja® 2015 (Contract Terms to Modify the Standard IT2015 Terms and Conditions).

The Central Chamber of Commerce of Finland, the Finnish Software Entrepreneurs Association, the Finnish Association of Purchasing and Logistics (LOGY), the Federation of Finnish Technology Industries and the Finnish Information Processing Association (TIVIA) published the new IT2015 contract terms and conditions on 24 September 2015.

The IT2015 terms and conditions replace the IT2010 terms and conditions used by small and medium sized Finnish enterprises in the sale and purchase of  products and services of the IT sector. Compared to the IT2010 terms and conditions, the new IT2015 terms and conditions: i) include new IT2015 EKT – Special terms and conditions for deliveries of software using agile methods, ii) modify the IT2015 ETP – Special terms and conditions for services delivered via data network (cloud service) and iii) include a new Code of Conduct template document. The IT2015 terms and conditions do not amend the YSE (General Terms and Conditions) or any other special terms and conditions.

Borenius has published special terms and conditions modifying the IT2015 standard terms and condition (the so-called Korjaussarja 2015). By means of Borenius’ Korjaussarja 2015, the IT2015 standard terms and conditions are modified to become more equal as the buyer-customer’s reasonable contractual interests are taken into account as well. The new Korjaussarja 2015 includes the same amendments as the earlier IT2010 Korjaussarja. Additionally, Korjaussarja 2015 includes a new audit clause under the YSE (new section 16; substantially corresponding to audit clause used in JIT 2015), new change in ETP terms (cloud services), and it also materially amends the new IT2015 EKT terms (agile projects).

Korjaussarja 2015 may be included as part of a contract whenever the IT2015 standard terms and conditions are applied. Korjaussarja 2015 (in Finnish; English version to be released at a later date) is available for all companies free of charge here:

Korjaussarja 2015

The prior IT2010 Korjaussarja is available upon request.

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