Rankings, News/18 May 2012

Attorneys at Law Borenius’ Taxation Expertise Receives International Recognition

International Tax Review (ITR), a recognised publication focused on international taxation, has named Attorneys at law Borenius Ltd as the transfer pricing firm of the year 2012 in Finland. Attorneys at law Borenius is the first law firm in Finland which has been granted the said award.

Since 2006, ITR has awarded the leading transfer pricing firm in all European countries. The evaluation includes all firms offering tax advice services, such as auditing firms, tax consulting firms and law firms.

Transfer pricing is one of the most important and constantly growing areas in the field of taxation. Based on various estimates, up to 70 % of the total value of world trade is made up of global group companies’ internal trade. The states try to safeguard their tax base and prevent the artificial transfer of profits outside their powers of taxation. In this respect, tax laws provide that transactions between group companies related to goods, services and intellectual property rights must be priced on market terms and documented duly.

“In recent years we have purposefully expanded our taxation services. We currently have more than ten tax experts and our tax group is the largest among the Finnish law firms. Recently we have strongly focused on transfer pricing, which plays a key role in the tax planning of large and medium-sized companies. Having been granted this award showed that our persevering work has been successful,” says Janne Juusela who received the award on 16 May 2012 in London.

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