Publications/14 Aug 2017

Global Legal Insights to: Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2017 / Markus Kokko & Niki J. Welling

Borenius’ attorneys Markus Kokko and Niki J. Welling authored the Finnish Chapter of the Global Legal Insight guide on Litigation & Dispute Resolution 2017 which covers key topics including efficiency and integrity, injunctions, cross-border issues, disclosure and privilege, costs and funding, settlement and mediation, and arbitration and expert determination in 31 jurisdictions. Although legal solutions adopted by different jurisdictions may be quite similar in substantive law issues, it is important to understand the differences in court proceedings as the courts will ultimately have to be employed if a counter party is recalcitrant. This article appeared in the sixth Edition of Global Legal Insights – Litigation & Dispute Resolution; published by Global Legal Group Ltd, London.

Read the Finnish Chapter online here or download as PDF here.

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