References/3 Dec 2014

Winner in Finnish cartel cases, in automobile spare part cartel, in particular

Our track records in antitrust litigation are outstanding compared to the end-results of our competitors, in the highly competitive Finnish antitrust market: For example, our customers in the asphalt cartel case (Destia), in the alleged cartel in tax free sales at Finnish airports (Finnair) and the automobile spare part cartel case (Arwidson) were not adjudged to pay fines or damages.

Three victories and three “First positions”, for example, in the automobile spare part case: This was the first case where the Finnish Competition and Consumer Authority granted leniency to a whistle-blower. This was also the first time a competitor challenged the leniency position. In addition, this was the first case in Finland where a whistle-blower defended itself against cartel damage claims.

Helsinki District Court issued its judgment on this matter on 31 March 2014: Atoy’s claims against Arwidson were dismissed in their entirety. We have also represented Arwidson, in connection with this cartel matter before the Finnish Competition Authority, the Market Court, and the Supreme Administrative Court. Arwidson was released from a cartel fine by cooperating with the current Finnish Competition Authority and by defending its leniency in the Market Court and in the Supreme Administrative Court. The claim for damages was over EUR 60 million. Counter parties were obliged to pay over 90% of Arwidson’s legal expenses.

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