Sanctions updates/7 Aug 2014

SANCTIONS UPDATE – Russia Rules on Goods Subjected to the Ban on Import

Government of the Russian Federation has given a ruling which specifies the list of goods subject to the ban on import from the United States of America, the EU states, Canada, Australia and Norway. Based on the earlier Order No. 560 “On application of certain special economic measures to protect security interests of the Russian Federation” executed by the President of the Russian Federation on 6 August 2014, the ban is valid for one year from the day on which Order No. 560 entered into force. The Order allows amendments to the period of validity of ordered restrictions. Liability for the breach of the restrictions has not yet been specified. No practical guidelines has yet been established either as regards to course of action of the customs of the Russian Federation. However, it is understood that the customs clearance of the banned products would be suspended.

Goods within the following categories (as classified in the customs code of the Customs Union) are subject to the ban:

Cattle meat (fresh, chilled or frozen)
Pork fresh, chilled or frozen
Poultry or its by-products fresh, chilled or frozen
Salted, dried or smoked meat or meat in brine
Fish and seafood
Milk and dairy products
Vegetables, edible roots and tuber crops
Fruits and nuts
Sausages and analogical products from meat, by-products of meat or blood; prepared nutrition product manufactured on the basis of such products
Some manufactured products including cheese and cottage cheese manufactured based on vegetable fats
Some nutrition products (containing milk from vegetable fats)

Products intended for infant food are not subject to the ban. Moreover, products manufactured or localised in Russia and the Customs Union (also by subsidiaries of foreign companies) are not affected by the ban and are expected to enjoy possible subsidies from the Russian Government.

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