Sanctions updates/2 Sep 2014

SANCTIONS UPDATE – Possible Return of Lactose-Free Products to the Banned List; Possible New Exclusions from the Banned List; Russia Might Consider Exiting the WTO

1.   It is possible that lactose-free products other than lactose-free milk will be banned again

After Russia has lifted the ban on lactose-free milk and dairy products, The National Association of Milk Manufacturers in Russia requested that the Government apply the exemption only to special lactose-free products that are used for medical treatment. The Russian Ministry of Agriculture stands for the manufacturers as it is afraid that the Russian sanctions for dairy products will be useless.

2.   It is possible that meat and fish which had been paid for prior to the ban will be excluded from the banned list

The Russian business ombudsman asked the Russian Prime Minister to exclude meat and fish which had already been paid for from the banned list to avoid considerable losses for the Russian meat and fish processing businesses who had paid for the meat and fish prior to the ban.

3.   Russia may exit the WTO

The Russian Parliament might consider legislative amendments to exit the WTO.

Additional information
Andrei Gusev (Russia)
Ulla von Weissenberg (Finland)
Jarno Vanto (New York)

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