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Associations & Foundations

Borenius has decades of solid expertise in the specialized field of associations and foundations. We regularly assist clients in establishing these organizations, and advising them in administration and operation, implementing operational changes, overhauling their administration and resolving issues relating to personnel and taxation.

This branch of law requires thorough understanding of both the laws and the operating models of associations and foundations. The practice is closely linked to taxation issues and increasingly to public financial support, public procurement regulations and labour law.

Authorities, investors, donors and co-operation partners demand transparency and impeccable corporate governance from non-governmental and charitable organizations operating as non-profit legal entities.  In constantly evolving operational circumstances, the lawfulness of all activities and compliance with governance principles must be ascertained in advance.

The complex disputes that we have resolved have been critical for the future operations of our clients or their very existence.

We also offer cost-effective proactive investigation and analysis to avoid disputes and responsibility issues.