IP Disputes & Regulatory Advice

Our intellectual property litigation practice encompasses patent, trademark, design
right, utility model, domain name and copyright disputes as well as conflicts relating
to the unfair business practices. In the technology field, we represent clients in the disputes
relating to ICT, outsourcing and high-tech which often have a special dimension of the intellec-tual property.

Our litigation expertise involves all aspects of a dispute, from preliminary injunctions to cases on merits and enforcement. We are fully equipped to handle arbitration and administrative

In addition to the disputes, we advise our clients in a variety of regulatory matters concerning pharmaceuticals, medical technology, ICT, electronics, chemicals, food and beverage industries.

By understanding the business objectives behind IP rights and why they need protection, we manage the proceedings and related costs within set parameters. We can call on the expertise of our colleagues in other practice groups in issues of industry-specific business practices and substantive law related to corporate crimes and government enforcement.

We represent our clients in:

• patent litigation cases involving infringement actions, nullity actions and preliminary in-junction proceedings
• trademark litigation, both before the Market Court and in administrative proceedings
• copyright infringement cases
• arbitration and general court proceedings relating to various IP/IT and technology related agreements and transactions
• unfair business practice cases before the Market Court
• domain name disputes
• administrative proceedings regarding regulatory matters such as classification of phar-maceuticals, healthcare, and food products

Our versatile team of IP litigation experts has secured victory for clients in several landmark cases involving disputes related to patents, trademarks, copyright and unfair business practices. In addition to litigating cases before the Market Court and domestic civil courts, we are well-versed in arbitration proceedings related to intellectual property, ICT and technology.

With our long history in IP Litigation, we have the experience to resolve the most complex, domestic and international assignments. Our experienced team is competent to handle all IP and unfair business practices related disputes in court proceedings before the Market Court and civil courts as well as in relevant arbitration proceedings.

We are not all about litigation. We strive to achieve the best possible outcome for our client, sometimes through settlement out of court, and we have successfully worked with clients to
minimize the risk of litigation through pre-litigation assessment and due diligence.