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Are you ready to grow and develop both professionally and personally? With us you will work on a variety of demanding cases and team up with our experts. We encourage you to bring forward your strength and full potential by providing comprehensive training and professional support from your colleagues.

Our success is based on an open and supportive organisational culture allowing you to further enhance your skills and achieve top results. We offer all our employees high-quality training programmes to support their personal career path and development as a professional.

We are a low-hierarchy organisation valuing innovativeness and independency.

Working at Borenius

Our core values are succeeding together, respecting others and taking pride in our work. These are at the heart of our working culture. We are a low-hierarchy organisation valuing innovativeness and independency, which makes team-work easy and enables efficient decision making processes. You are surrounded by a team of professionals helping you to find a fresh approach and method of working. If you are open-minded and ready to work together you can easily relate to our vision.

Work-life balance and Well-being

Your well-being is important to us. That’s why we invest in our staff’s well-being and actively support life outside the office. We have created several ways in which you can smoothly combine work and free time. Our Crowded Years Initiative promotes a flexible culture valuing a healthy work-life balance. To ease your day-to-day challenges you can use our nursery services for your children in case of illness and receive discount on cleaning services. You can also avail of other benefits related to health and well-being such as discount on massage services. We want to further your overall comfort at the office by providing a relaxing place where you can play a round of table tennis or enjoy our daily selection of fresh fruits, healthy snacks, and special coffee served in our lounge area while enjoying the spectacular sea view.

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We want to further your overall comfort at the office.

Borenius Social & Borenius Sports

Our strong team spirit is the key to succeeding together and to further promote this we have Borenius Social & Borenius Sports teams that arrange regular events and activities for our staff, such as get-togethers, sports and culture events. We also support your hobbies by offering sports and culture vouchers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We take our social and environmental responsibility seriously. We support and cooperate with the Finnish Paralympics Committee and Icehearts, a social sports club for children designed to prevent social exclusion by means of team sport activities, through pro bono work. For promoting environmental sustainability, we have implemented the WWF Green Office environmental management system in order to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions and ecological footprint. As a trusted legal partner we never compromise ethical considerations in our operations.

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We always seek to challenge the traditional concept of training by understanding learning broadly.

Learning and development

Development Plan for Lawyers

We highly appreciate our employees’ individual input to our organisation while valuing the importance of team work. By working in different practices and projects, you will gain hands-on experience and expand your knowledge in several service sectors and create new client relations. We value your professional growth and we offer you individual support through our career planning and special programmes such as mentoring by senior colleagues. We regularly reflect on how you have progressed in your tasks, outline your training options and professional aspirations, and generally track your professional development.

Lawyers’ Career Track

Your career track is evaluated in terms of multi-stage quality criteria based on which your performance is measured in different development areas. In addition to legal skills, you have the opportunity to develop your self-leadership, networking and project management skills. The results of the evaluation process are introduced in your development discussions and in individual projects throughout the year.

Development Plan for Staff Members

You will be offered an opportunity to develop your skills and abilities by participating in various external and internal training sessions. We continuously expand our training programmes and work for creating a positive and innovative working environment for all of us. By conducting work satisfaction surveys and development discussions we ensure that your professional aspirations are taken into account.

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Your professional growth is the key to our success.

Borenius Learning 

We understand the concept of learning broadly and seek to challenge the traditional concept of training. Our learning programme not only aims at training legal skills but also includes other areas, such as self-leadership, career track planning, media skills and ethics workshops.

Tutors and Mentors

Your Borenius tutor will guide you through your induction period and you can share your ideas and questions with a senior colleague. In addition, new and returning employees are offered mentoring services which encourages our lawyers to self-leadership. Creating professional development plans and balancing work and home life further increase your productivity.

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