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Legal alerts

Legal Alert – Significant Changes Proposed to the Finnish Interest Deduction Limitation Regime

The Finnish interest deduction limitation regime will be subject to substantial changes due to the implementation of the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance Directive. The Finnish Ministry of Finance published a draft government bill containing the proposed amendments on 19 January 2018.… Read more

Legal alerts / 23 Jan 2018

Legal Alert – Financial Institutions & Regulation

Legal alerts / 22 Jan 2018

Legal Alert – PRIIPs: New Regulation Affecting Fundraising Activities

Legal alerts / 11 Jan 2018

Legal Alert – Borenius Successful Before Supreme Court in a Tax Fraud and Accounting Offence Case

Legal alerts / 10 Jan 2018

Legal Alert – New Act Facilitates Intracompany and Intragroup Transfers to Finland

Legal alerts / 15 Dec 2017

Legal Alert – US Department of Justice Announced Revised Corporate Enforcement Policy Affecting Corruption Sanctions

Legal alerts / 8 Dec 2017

Legal Alert – A Broader Leave to Appeal System Introduced for Environmental Matters

Legal alerts / 8 Dec 2017

Legal Alert – Finnish Tax Provisions on Tax Neutral Asset Transfer Conflicting with EU Law

Legal alerts / 28 Nov 2017

Legal Alert – Government Proposes Introduction of a Tender-Based Premium System for Renewable Energy Subsidy

Legal alerts / 14 Nov 2017

Legal Alert – New Precedent on Indirect Loss and Express Warranty in the Sale of Goods

Legal alerts / 8 Nov 2017