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Legal alerts

Legal Alert – New Working Hours Act Approved by the Parliament

The new Finnish Working Hours Act has now been approved by the Parliament. The Act will come into force on 1 January 2020, and it will replace the current Finnish Working Hours Act. The new Act aims to respond to… Read more

Legal alerts / 25 Mar 2019

Legal Alert – Will Brexit Affect the UK Nationals in Your Workforce?

Legal alerts / 15 Mar 2019

Legal Alert – Recent Amendments to Laws Relating to Funds

Legal alerts / 12 Mar 2019

Legal Alert – The New Finnish Trademarks Act Approved by the Parliament

Legal alerts / 11 Mar 2019

Legal Alert – New Precedent from Supreme Administrative Court on Incentive Scheme

Legal alerts / 4 Mar 2019

Legal Alert – The Supreme Court Gives Guidance on Obligation to Produce Documents

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Legal Alert – Consequences of a Hard Brexit for UK Directors and Companies in Finland

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Legal Alert – Does Your Consultancy Agenda Include Redundancy Selection Criteria?

Legal alerts / 13 Feb 2019

Legal Alert – New Developments in Liability for Antitrust Damages – Case Skanska Industrial Solutions e.a.

Legal alerts / 8 Feb 2019

Updated Legal Alert – New Updated limits for Wind Power Projects Requiring Environmental Impact Assessment

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