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Legal alerts

Legal Alert – Does Your Consultancy Agenda Include Redundancy Selection Criteria?

If employees are made redundant due to financial or production related reasons in Finland, Finnish employers must conduct a redundancy consultation process before they terminate employees’ contracts if they have twenty or more employees. During these consultations, the employer must… Read more

Legal alerts / 13 Feb 2019

Legal Alert – New Developments in Liability for Antitrust Damages – Case Skanska Industrial Solutions e.a.

Legal alerts / 8 Feb 2019

Updated Legal Alert – New Updated limits for Wind Power Projects Requiring Environmental Impact Assessment

Legal alerts / 30 Jan 2019

Legal Alert – Can You Mitigate the Effects of Potential “Hard Brexit” on Financial Services and Instruments between the EU and the UK?

Legal alerts / 18 Jan 2019

Legal Alert – Update on the Finnish Corporate Tax System Reform

Legal alerts / 17 Jan 2019

Legal Alert – The FCCA Eager to Initiate In-depth Investigation in Merger Cases – How Does This Affect M&A?

Legal alerts / 10 Dec 2018

Legal Alert – Government Bill Proposes to Abolish Minimum Share Capital Requirement for Private Limited Companies

Legal alerts / 29 Nov 2018

Legal Alert – Government Bill Amending CFC Legislation Further Restricts the Use of Holding Companies

Legal alerts / 5 Nov 2018

Legal Alert – Recent Developments in the Antitrust Liability of Parent Companies

Legal alerts / 25 Oct 2018

Legal Alert – A Government Bill for a New Finnish Trademarks Act – The Process Continues

Legal alerts / 22 Oct 2018