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Legal alerts

Legal Alert – Government Bill Amending CFC Legislation Further Restricts the Use of Holding Companies

The current controlled foreign corporation (CFC) legislation needs amendment and the Finnish Government has issued a government bill on 1 November 2018 to take the first step towards new legislation as part of the implementation of the EU Anti-Tax Avoidance… Read more

Legal alerts / 5 Nov 2018

Legal Alert – Recent Developments in the Antitrust Liability of Parent Companies

Legal alerts / 25 Oct 2018

Legal Alert – A Government Bill for a New Finnish Trademarks Act – The Process Continues

Legal alerts / 22 Oct 2018

Legal Alert – New Interest Deduction Limitation Rules Entering into Force at the Beginning of 2019

Legal alerts / 28 Sep 2018

Legal Alert – The Ministry of Justice Publishes a Summary of Statements Regarding an International Comparative Study on Debt-to-Equity Conversion

Legal alerts / 24 Sep 2018

Legal Alert – The New Trade Secrets Act enters into force on 15 August 2018

Legal alerts / 15 Aug 2018

Legal Alert – Tardy Bird Loses the Worm: Arbitrator Disregards Arguments Presented Late in Proceedings – Award Challenge Rejected by the Supreme Court

Legal alerts / 3 Jul 2018

Legal Alert – New Interpretation of Law Improves Contractors’ Probability of Success in Restructuring Proceedings

Legal alerts / 29 Jun 2018

Updated Legal Alert – Finnish Parliament Accepted the “Pay-as-bid” System for Renewable Energy Subsidies

Legal alerts / 25 Jun 2018

Legal Alert – The Government Proposes Amendments to the Finnish Competition Act

Legal alerts / 24 May 2018