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Legal alerts

Legal Alert – Can You Mitigate the Effects of Potential “Hard Brexit” on Financial Services and Instruments between the EU and the UK?

The UK Parliament rejected the proposed Brexit withdrawal agreement on 15 January 2019. The withdrawal agreement included an implementation period from March 2019 until the end of December 2020, which would have allowed financial service firms and funds to continue… Read more

Legal alerts / 18 Jan 2019

Legal Alert – Update on the Finnish Corporate Tax System Reform

Legal alerts / 17 Jan 2019

Legal Alert – New Updated limits for Wind Power Projects Requiring Environmental Impact Assessment

Legal alerts / 9 Jan 2019

Legal Alert – The FCCA Eager to Initiate In-depth Investigation in Merger Cases – How Does This Affect M&A?

Legal alerts / 10 Dec 2018

Legal Alert – Government Bill Proposes to Abolish Minimum Share Capital Requirement for Private Limited Companies

Legal alerts / 29 Nov 2018

Legal Alert – Government Bill Amending CFC Legislation Further Restricts the Use of Holding Companies

Legal alerts / 5 Nov 2018

Legal Alert – Recent Developments in the Antitrust Liability of Parent Companies

Legal alerts / 25 Oct 2018

Legal Alert – A Government Bill for a New Finnish Trademarks Act – The Process Continues

Legal alerts / 22 Oct 2018

Legal Alert – New Interest Deduction Limitation Rules Entering into Force at the Beginning of 2019

Legal alerts / 28 Sep 2018

Legal Alert – The Ministry of Justice Publishes a Summary of Statements Regarding an International Comparative Study on Debt-to-Equity Conversion

Legal alerts / 24 Sep 2018