Corporate Responsibility

We are defined by our values, and we are proud to have a culture of respect within our organisation in terms of our people and strategy. Our carefully selected pro bono partners and programmes are a further reflection of our commitment to promoting diversity and social inclusion. These allow us to give back to society while maximising the positive impact of our employees’ legal expertise.

We value our environment and stand for a greener future. Together with our clients we can have a huge impact on how we determine the sustainable aspects of businesses, now and in the future.

Social Responsibility

Together we make a difference. We have chosen to partner with a handful of different organisations, which all have a great influence on how the society is built with involving everybody.

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We value our environment and stand for a greener future. Making an environmental impact stands close to our hearts, both through our client work and internally.

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Responsibility with thought-leadership

Being one of the thought leaders in the legal industry comes with the responsibility to look ahead. We must dare to challenge the established ways of working in the legal community. For us this means that we have a responsibility to actively discuss issues having legal importance for the society. We also want to be involved in discussions on how the legal industry will be a pro-active force in improving business practices, diversity, and leadership in order to make a difference.

This means not only a responsibility to answer to these requirements set on us by the society, but also a commitment to give back in the form of pro bono work in areas in which we have leading expertise. We actively share our knowledge and views to develop business and the society through national committee work. We also offer a substantial amount of training opportunities for students and we see this work as a platform for educating business lawyers that later can serve the business community from in-house positions.

We follow the ethical rules of the Finnish Bar Association. However, we believe that our business must meet standards that go above and beyond these specific norms. We see corporate responsibility as a broad concept comprising the whole spectrum from ethics and rules to people and environment. Our core task is to maintain integrity and loyally defend the legal interest of our clients to secure a well-functioning legal system and rule of law.

We place our people, pro bono work and the environment at the heart of our corporate responsibility programme.

We also invite all vendors and business partners to act responsibly

We are committed to conducting business and providing legal advice in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards. The integrity of our vendors, product and service suppliers, and other business partners is critical to our success. As such, all parties doing business with Borenius must commit to our Supplier Code of Conduct. It outlines the minimum standards we require our suppliers to comply with when doing business with us.