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Borenius Paving the Way of Sustainability in Business – How to Incorporate ESG Factors into ICT Management?

As companies strive to build a sustainable and responsible business, there is a growing trend of utilising the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) framework to evaluate their operations and policies. This holds particularly true for companies that rely heavily on information and communication technology to support their operations. At Borenius, we focus on developing our behaviour and systems by evaluating ICT management through the lenses of environmental sustainability, social responsibility and certified governance.

The environmental impact of ICT operations

ICT infrastructure, including data centres and networks, can consume significant amounts of energy and thereby contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. We are constantly replacing old infrastructure and devices with energy-saving new equipment and adopting virtual platforms and cloud computing.

To further increase the positive impact, we derive advantages from the processes of our existing business partners, which involve capturing warm air from their data centres and channelling it to the local electricity company, where it is repurposed as district heating to warm residential buildings. In terms of our ICT, our goal is to achieve a net-zero impact on greenhouse gas emissions. We have selected energy-efficient hardware and devices known for their top-tier performance, and the manufacturers we have chosen are forerunners in using recycled materials in the laptops and mobile phones that we utilise. We find this approach as an effective way to save energy and reduce our overall carbon footprint.

To ensure sustainable IT procurement, we have switched into CHG-MERIDIAN's carbon-neutral IT leasing. They calculate emissions for various devices and add the cost to our lease payments. After the lease, CHG-MERIDIAN refurbishes and resells the equipment for a second life, aligning perfectly with our values. This means that our choice of carbon-neutral IT leasing services is not just a practical business decision; it is a resounding endorsement of our dedication to environmental stewardship while meeting our IT requirements seamlessly.

Social responsibility

We manage our ICT operations in line with the firm’s ESG principles. This means that our mission is to protect our clients’ and employees’ privacy and diminish any social responsibility risks within our supply chains, such as human rights violations, e.g. forced labour and child labour. To achieve these goals, we have implemented strong access controls, and we use encrypted data and conduct regular audits in terms of our systems.

The oversight of ICT operations

We obtained ISO 27001 certification in 2021 in recognition of our high information security standards. The information security management system framework we have developed provides us a clear governance structure in place, including policies and procedures for managing ICT risks, ensuring cybersecurity and complying with relevant regulations. The goal is to keep our ICT management transparent, accountable, and aligned with the firm’s overall ESG goals.

By managing our ICT operations in line with our ESG principles and by holding an ISO 27001 certificate, we can keep building a sustainable and responsible business that is attractive to socially responsible partners and clients. We aim to showcase a success story in applying the ESG framework in our ICT operations, inspiring and motivating others to follow as well.

If you have any questions about the subject or would like to discuss the matter in more detail, please contact the undersigned or your regular Borenius contact.

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Tommi Lindlöf

ICT Manager