Publications/12 Feb 2024

Borenius’ Contribution to ICLG Finland Chapter on Public Procurement

We are delighted to share that our EU and competition law experts, Ilkka Aalto-Setälä and Henrik Koivuniemi, have contributed a chapter on public procurement to the International Comparative Legal Guide (ICLG) Finland chapter.

The chapter provides a detailed overview of Finnish public procurement legislation, and discusses the principles of equitable and non-discriminatory treatment, transparency, and proportionality that guide Finnish public procurement. It also covers special rules for procurement in sectors like water, energy, transport, postal services, defence, and security.

Furthermore, the chapter explores the Finnish Openness Act and the Finnish Contractor’s Liability Act. It also provides insights into how Finnish public procurement relates to supra-national regimes, including the GPA, EU rules, and other international agreements.

This contribution to the ICLG Finland chapter is a testament to our commitment to providing expert legal insights and staying at the forefront of legal developments in Finland. We are confident that this chapter will serve as a valuable resource for our clients and other stakeholders navigating the complex landscape of public procurement in Finland.

Read the Finland chapter online here.

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Henrik Koivuniemi

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