Associate Trainees

  • For students who are finalising their studies
  • Full day job for a fixed period of six months
  • As an Associate Trainee you can concentrate on a particular field of law that interests you the most, working closely with one of our teams
  • Tasks are similar to the ones of our firm’s younger Associates. Associate Trainees participate in all professional training events and other events organised by our firm.
  • We recruit new Associate Trainees twice a year, in February and August. However, you can always send your open application outside this period.

Tai Do


My career at Borenius began in the spring of 2021 when I was appointed as an Associate Trainee to Borenius’ M&A & Private Equity team. I worked on various corporate acquisition related tasks, and after I completed my traineeship, I was offered the opportunity to complete my thesis with Borenius’ support as a Thesis Trainee. I was excited to accept, and once I had graduated, I returned to the same team as an Associate.

Linda Inkinen


I began my career at Borenius in the autumn of 2020 when I was appointed as an Associate Trainee to Borenius' M&A team. Since the very beginning, my team took me under its wing, and I truly felt that I would enjoy working on M&A related assignments even after my graduation. After my traineeship ended, Borenius offered me the opportunity to remain on board as a Thesis Trainee. I was very excited by this opportunity, and after I completed my thesis, I returned to Borenius’ M&A team as an Associate in the summer of 2021.


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Even if there is currently no open position for you, don’t hesitate to send your open application so we can contact you immediately in case an interesting position comes up.

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