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Issuer friendly market situation for high-yield bonds

Issuing a high-yield bond is a worthwhile option for non-investment grade companies seeking to raise their debt capital. 2014 has been another record-breaking year in the high-yield market. Read more

Articles, Lead story / 22 Dec 2014

Trainee programme is a two-way street

While opening doors for law students, Borenius’ trainee programmes are also a recruiting channel and a method of reviewing the firms practices. Read more

Articles, Community / 22 Dec 2014

Shooting for stars (and stripes)

There’s plenty for Finnish companies to win in the world’s biggest consumer market. Together with Amcham Finland, Borenius is there to pave the way. Read more

Articles, Community / 22 Dec 2014

Three steps to solid brand management

Consider this: if your company were to be sold today, what would be its most valuable assets? Nowadays those are usually intangible, and they can be captured by means of a solid protection and enforcement strategy. Read more

Articles, Did you know? / 22 Dec 2014

Scrupulous transparency

Alterations to the EU legislation will encourage transparency in stock listed companies in all member countries. Although the change is gradual, companies should begin preparations now. Read more

Articles, Masterclass / 22 Dec 2014

Lawyers dig deeper in corporate responsibility

Lawyers cannot cling to the law books anymore. They must immerse themselves in their client’s business and be able to advice on concerns such as corporate responsibility. Read more

Articles, Masterclass / 22 Dec 2014

SATS ELIXIA grows muscle in the fitness market

A merger between two rivals in the fast growing health and fitness industry succeeded through solid leadership and experienced advice. Read more

Articles, Case update / 22 Dec 2014

More than compliant

Advancing digital technology, robots, drones, the internet of everything – all that new-new – raises questions about protecting one’s personal data. For companies regardless of size and field it means a heavy set of data protection regulations. We dug into the topic with Nokia’s Director for Privacy Mikko Niva. Read more

Articles, Lead story / 21 Jun 2014

Responsibility cannot be transferred

The Finnish Data Protection Ombudsman Reijo Aarnio is not convinced by the Finnish companies’ level of preparation in terms of data protection – nor information security. Read more

Articles, Lead story / 20 Jun 2014

How to orchestrate a EUR 430 million high-yield bond offering in eight weeks

Borenius advised Paroc Group on issuance of its EUR 430 million high-yield bond offering to international investors as part of the group’s refinancing. Borenius also assisted Paroc Group with a new EUR 60 million revolving credit facility. Read more

Articles, Case profile / 19 Jun 2014