Insights, News/14 Feb 2024

Borenius Adopts Leya’s AI Capabilities to Embark on a Journey to AI Facilitated Legal Work

Borenius has embarked on a collaboration with Leya AB, a Swedish company developing an AI-driven platform designed to optimise legal operations. The tool enables Borenius’ team across four offices to utilise advanced legal AI in a secure environment.

”All legal teams need to embark early on a journey to learn how to use AI. Therefore, we at Borenius will be approaching AI from multitude of angels and will be taking into use various AI tools this year,” says Samuli Simojoki, Chair of Borenius.

In upcoming years, AI will transform legal work processes and we are determined to be at the forefront of this development. While legal AI tools are still in their infancy, we believe that the pace of development will be enormous with the next few years or even months.

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