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Borenius Sustains Long-Term Partnership with Helsinki Pride

We are pleased to announce the renewal of our partnership with the Helsinki Pride Community for the sixth consecutive year. This ongoing collaboration underlines our commitment to building a society where equality prevails, regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression.

Since the initiation of our partnership in 2019, our engagement with the Helsinki Pride Community has been marked by shared values and a collective vision for a more equitable world. Through pro bono legal work, we have consistently supported the community in navigating legal complexities.

As a key partner of the Helsinki Pride Community, we promote inclusiveness and work towards dismantling discriminatory structures that hinder progress. Our legal advisory services extend throughout the year, aligning with the community's objectives and contributing to the realisation of a society where everyone is free to be themselves.

This year's Helsinki Pride event, themed "Peace and Hope", resonates profoundly in a world marked by uncertainty and conflict. Peace, as defined by the Helsinki Pride Community, is the fundamental right of every individual to embrace their identity, love who they choose, and be proud of their unique selves.

Against the backdrop of global challenges, Helsinki Pride's commitment to creating hope through community engagement remains steadfast. Over 100 diverse events, including workshops, exhibitions, gatherings, and seminars, are slated for June, leading up to the pinnacle celebration – the Helsinki Pride parade on 29 June 2024.

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Casper Herler

Managing Partner