News/24 May 2019

Borenius First Finnish Law Firm to Appoint a General Counsel

We are delighted to announce that Niko Jakobsson, our current Development Director, has been appointed as Borenius’ new General Counsel. This is the first time a Finnish law firm has appointed a designated general counsel.

The legal industry is facing increasing compliance requirements and rapid changes in the technology used in our field. Niko has extensive knowledge of technology and great attorney skills. As such, he is the natural choice to lead Borenius’ compliance and business risk procedures as well as technology and business development,” says Managing Partner Casper Herler.

We recognise that the legal business is subject to an increasing number of compliance requirements and that the role of risk management is growing in importance. Niko has been instrumental in meeting a number of these challenges. Under his leadership, we have, for example, revised and automated our internal ‘know your client’ process and developed a mobile based interface for easy access to this function. Our innovative technological thinking was acknowledged when we received the prestigious Nordic Law Firm of the Year 2019 award at The Lawyer European Awards. Going forward, Niko will focus on developing and building upon our existing risk procedures, systems and controls. This will enable our lawyers to be fully client-focused.

Niko Jakobsson has worked on various development projects and in different roles in the legal sector over a decade. He joined Borenius in 2012, and he has worked as part of the management team since 2016. Niko will retain his previous Borenius positions after this appointment. In addition, he is a member of the Future Committee of the Association of Finnish Lawyers as well as a member of the Helsinki Bar Association’s board and the board of the Finnish Center for Integrity in Sports FINCIS. Niko also has a strong technical background. In addition to the legal tech knowledge he has gained by virtue of the positions he has held, Niko has also studied computer science and written over 400 IT related articles over the past two decades that have been published in leading IT publications in Finland.

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