ESG, News, Pro Bono/5 Mar 2020

Business With Pride – Borenius Continues as a Main Partner of Helsinki Pride

We are delighted to announce that we will continue as one of the main partners of the Helsinki Pride Community and the Helsinki Pride Week this year. Borenius serves as the community’s official legal advisor on a pro bono basis. It is important for us to select pro bono partners that promote important societal and legal issues.

Over 20 official partners have joined to support the Helsinki Pride Week so far this year. According to Helsinki Pride’s Executive Director, Aaro Horsma, these partnerships and the hundreds of volunteers are essential for both the event and the community: “Each Helsinki Pride partner provides crucial support to both our event and to the work we do, for example, among refugees and younger community members throughout the year.”

Helsinki Pride is Finland’s largest and most influential cultural and human rights event. The event is held in June, and it is one of the biggest public events of the year. The Helsinki Pride event is organised by the Helsinki Pride Community, which promotes the rights, equality and equal treatment of the Finnish LGBTIQ community.

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Casper Herler