News, Pro Bono/28 Jun 2022

Borenius Awarded Recognition for Our Efforts to Promote Equality

The Helsinki Pride community, our long-term pro bono partner, has honoured us with a recognition called the Ylpeys muuttaa maailmaa (The Pride to Change the World) award. The Helsinki Pride community annually awards this recognition to two entities that should be especially lauded for their efforts to promote diversity, equality, and human rights.

The Helsinki Pride community noted that it selected us as one of the recipients this year based on the fact that the legal advice and other support we provide around the year has been a great boon not only for the Helsinki Pride community but for all of our other pro bono partners as well.

We are excited to receive this award because it is a great recognition of our efforts to make a difference. As a law firm, our image may veer towards a more business-oriented approach, but we are equally invested in making a difference in our society and smaller communities through our CSR programme.

Partner and Chair of Borenius' board Samuli Simojoki

Borenius will continue to strive towards a more equal and diverse tomorrow in cooperation with all of our pro bono partners. Our long-term partnership with the Helsinki Pride community has been very fruitful, and we look forward to learning more and developing even further as a company that places great emphasis on diversity and equality.

Pride - Ylpeys muuttaa maailmaa
Liisa Laitinen, Marketing and Communications Manager and Partner and Chair of Borenius' board Samuli Simojoki.
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