News/18 Oct 2022

Job Shadowing for Students to Explore the Next Step on their Trainee Path

There are different kind of career paths for lawyers and law students in the business world. The abundance of diverse career path opportunities for lawyers and law students ensures that tomorrow’s professionals are creative and knowledgeable to accomplish future demands in the field.

At Borenius, we are committed to invest in the education of future lawyers. Our trainee programmes provide students with first-hand experience of working in a dynamic law firm and we support our trainees’ career development by offering comprehensive training and tutoring. As part of this, we have started a job shadowing programme with the aim to provide our trainees with the opportunity to explore the possible next step on their trainee path.

What is job shadowing?

By participating in job shadowing, our trainees, who are still in the beginning of their trainee career paths, get a glimpse of the daily duties of our more advanced trainees. Job shadowing suits best for Junior and KM Trainees.

In terms of Junior Trainees, they are provided with a chance to get to know the KM Trainee role by visiting the team and learning what it is like to work within the team – what their research and library related duties are like and what kind of tasks they face when assisting lawyers in legal assignments.

Whereas in terms, of our KM Trainees, they have the opportunity to get a glimpse of the work of our Associate Trainees. They can visit the chosen teams based on their own interests of the fields of law. The idea is that KM Trainees follow and observe the duties and routines performed by Associate Trainees for a half day and help them with some of the tasks, if appropriate.

Why is job shadowing important?

The purpose of job shadowing is to see what it is like to work in a different team and to discover one’s own interests. Job shadowing allows our trainees to explore career options and spend time with their more advanced colleagues from another teams. It is a great way of getting a broad view of the trainee’s possible next role in our company and to gain practical knowledge and understanding of the position. Job shadowing does not only benefit the observing party – also the hosting trainee gets a valuable experience of tutoring and guidance.

We seek to create long-term relationships with students and to support their professional development. The purpose of our trainee programmes is to get to know students and to provide them with the opportunity to create connections and explore business lawyers’ work environment. Our mission is to help our trainees grow into the lawyers of tomorrow. Job shadowing is an excellent way to implement these aims.

WHAT? Job shadowing is on-the-job learning from your trainee colleagues
WHY? To see what it is like to work in a different team and to explore career options
WHO? Trainees at the Junior Trainee or KM Trainee level
WHEN? Quarterly

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