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Borenius Contributed to the Finnish Chapter of Global Insights – AI, Machine Learning & Big Data 2021

Borenius’ lawyers Erkko Korhonen, Kaisa Susi and Samuli Simojoki have contributed to the Finnish chapter of Global Insights – AI, Machine Learning & Big Data 2021, Third Edition.

In this chapter, they provide answers to questions concerning various legal issues in the field of AI, big data and machine learning from the Finnish legislative framework point of view.

  • The chapter discusses Finland’s current position and tools to achieve its goal as a global trendsetter and a forerunner within the EU in the creation of fair, consumer-oriented principles in the use of AI. Here, establishing close co-operation between the public and private sectors is of paramount importance.
  • Along with the development of the digitalisation of public administrative services, the most recent governmental initiative to adopt AI is the National Artificial Intelligence Programme AuroraAI. The purpose of the AuroraAI is to create technical conditions that enable information exchange and interoperability between different services and platforms.
  • The chapter also gives a brief overview of the protection of algorithms and data in Finland. In addition, the chapter reviews shortly the very compelling topics on collusion or discrimination caused by automatic algorithm decision-making. While bearing in mind the European starting points for evaluation, the matters are assessed especially from a Finnish perspective, taking into account the latest state-level initiatives.

Read the Finnish Chapter (in English) online here.

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