Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly does a Trainee do? What kinds of benefits do we offer? Our FAQ section answers some of the most burning questions we get each year from students.

What makes for a good application?

A good application is carefully drafted, clear and concise. Your application letter should not be more than just one page long, and it should give us a clear indication of what motivates you and whether you are suited for the open position. Please remember to enclose a well-structured CV, any appendices we may require (e.g. a transcript of your studies) and any other additional materials (a video perhaps).


Combining Work and Studies


Support and Training Events

Career Path

What’s the atmosphere like at Borenius?

We strive to maintain an encouraging atmosphere that complies with our values (respecting others, working together and taking pride in our work). We maintain our good atmosphere by organising various Borenius Sports and Borenius Social activities in addition to our annual Borenius Day and other events (e.g. our monthly breakfast event for all staff and our Christmas party). You are welcome to attend all of these events!

Borenius as an Employer

How does corporate responsibility manifest in the day-to-day functioning of Borenius?

We highlight the significance of corporate responsibility. Our core values revolve around respect for all individuals, whether they are colleagues, clients, or associates, forming the bedrock of our actions at Borenius. Adhering to a comprehensive code of conduct that places a strong emphasis on corporate responsibility, we also actively engage in pro bono cases, allowing our experts to contribute extensively to the betterment of the community.

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Work-life Balance and Well-being

How long are your trainee programmes?

A new Junior Trainee will always first be offered a six-month contract. After the first six months, we will review the situation together with the trainee and proceed accordingly. The majority of our Junior Trainees will, however, stay on for another six-month period (and some for even longer). Our KM Trainees are offered a contract that lasts for approximately 12 months. Our Associate Trainee programmes last for six months.

Our Trainee Teams


More information on the variety of trainee programmes we offer for law students is available below.

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