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Expanding the Global Network – Borenius’ London Rotation Programme Continues in 2024

We are happy to announce that our rotation programme in London will continue this year as well. For the third year in a row, we are offering our lawyers the opportunity to gain international work experience and establish connections with law firms based in London. This not only helps us create and deepen our global connections but also strengthens our internationally spirited brand.

"The London rotation programme is a cornerstone of our strategy to foster a truly international mindset within our firm. By immersing our lawyers in the dynamic and diverse legal landscape of London, they gain unparalleled insights and connections that are essential in today's globalised economy. Building a robust international network is imperative for us as legal professionals and for our clients who operate across borders. London's position as a pivotal business hub provides not only exciting new connections and experiences but also serves as a conduit to the wider international market," says Juha Koponen, Head of Borenius London and New York representative offices.

Connections, business life, and culture

Working on cross-border matters is in our DNA, and our representative office in London is ideally positioned to connect domestic and global businesses with legal services and business networks in the major European financial centre. During their stay in London, our programme participants are tasked e.g. with meeting with international colleagues and clients and giving them presentations on recent market developments in Finland. This deepens our programme participants’ understanding of both Finnish and global markets while simultaneously training their skills.

“London is the world’s top financial centre so therefore it felt natural for a financial regulatory lawyer like me to apply for the programme. I work quite a lot with the London firms so I’m really looking forward to deepening our existing relationships as well as building new ones. It is always interesting to hear and discuss the latest trends and regulatory landscape with colleagues who work in the same field of law as I do,” Eeva Terho, Counsel.

“For a transactional attorney specialising in international tax, the prospect of working in London was somewhat a no-brainer. London is the key cross-border feeder market for us, and the chance to forge new and develop existing professional relationships is invaluable. Needless to say that I am excited to gain insights from industry peers at the top of the food chain to further enhance my capabilities in cross-border engagements,” Aapo Pessi, Senior Associate.


WHAT? An office rotation programme

WHERE? Borenius’ London office, established in 2020

WHO? Lawyers seeking to expand their global network

WHEN? Started in 2022, this year for the third time

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Juha Koponen


Helsinki, London, New York

Eeva Terho



Aapo Pessi

Senior Associate