Borenius London acts as your gateway to legal services and business networks between Finland and the major European financial centre.


Borenius is one of the largest and most prominent full-service law firms in Finland. Outside of Finland, we have offices in St. Petersburg, New York and London. Our New York office opened in 2012, St. Petersburg in 2013 and London in 2020. The New York and London offices both serve the function of a representative office and are very interconnected due to the nature of business in the world’s two main financial centres. Through our London representative office, we offer our London-based law firm friends and clients a convenient gateway to Finland and Russia. Similarly, for our Finnish clients we are able to provide the best advice taking into account the Finnish and international aspects of any complex matter.

We provide services in all key areas of Finnish and Russian law for corporate and institutional clients. We do not practice English law in the London office, thus we will always work together with a co-counsel on matters dealing with English law advice.

Representative Office Function

We opened our New York representative office in 2012 and London in 2020 encouraged by our success in New York. As a leading independent Finnish law firm, an international network with close ties to other independent leading law firms in other jurisdictions is key for our capability to serve our clients on cross-border deals and other assignments. Many of our good law firm, banking and investor sector clients conduct their Nordic business out of London. Through an office in London we will be able to intensify cooperation with many of the world’s leading law firms, banks and clients. Similarly as in New York, we utilise our London office in bringing together the global and Finnish interests, for instance by promoting transactional activity between Finland and various London-based international players. In addition, we are the law firm patron member of the Finnish-British Chamber of Commerce in London.

Brexit Advisory

Our various expert groups follow Brexit very closely, and we continuously organise seminars and publish Brexit-related client alerts. Thanks to our presence in London, we are ideally positioned to help Finnish companies on Brexit-related questions as we have direct access to many of the leading Brexit experts in London, and we can put the issues in the context of the Finnish businesses. At the moment it is not possible to foresee the future outcome of Brexit due to the many uncertainties revolving around it. Therefore, we recommend that Finnish companies proactively plan for Brexit at the end of the transition period (31 December 2020). These steps include planning for alternatives in a case of a “no-deal Brexit” or a “limited free trade agreement”. The issues relate to a multitude of things, including, financial regulatory matters, Finnish employees in the UK or UK employees in Finland, intellectual property rights, data protection and privacy matters, delivery of goods and services, and general contractual matters.

Borenius lawyers, together with the experts we have relationships with in England, are very well positioned to design any preparatory measures for Finnish businesses when they analyse the impact of Brexit and implement these steps during 2020.

Please see our earlier client alerts on Brexit-related matters for reference:

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We provide services in Finnish, English, Swedish and Russian.


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