FDI & Corporate Acquisitions

Regulatory review of acquisitions and investments has increased in Finland, and the governmental authorities have become more vigilant in monitoring assets that are deemed important to the national interests.

The Finnish foreign direct investment (FDI) process may apply to your contemplated transaction if the target or the assets concerned are related to

  • military national defence,
  • functions vital to society (including safeguarding critical infrastructure and security of supply), or
  • national security and public order.

Similarly, a buyer from outside of the EU or EEA may be required to procure a permit for buying real estate in Finland. This obligation applies to both individuals and companies. In addition, the Finnish state may also have a right of pre-emption in certain real estate transactions that relate to real estate located in the immediate vicinity of certain strategic sites.

The Finnish FDI regime can be difficult to navigate as the processes are not public, there are no maximum processing times for mandatory FDI filings, and criminal penalties may apply for non-compliance. As such, in a regulatory landscape where transactions are complex and governmental national interests are subject to change, it is essential to have lawyers who are well equipped to guide you through the Finnish FDI regime from the preliminary assessment to the end of the regulatory process.

We are ready to use our expertise in transactions, real estate, merger control, and regulatory matters to provide our clients with comprehensive advice on the Finnish FDI regime. Our lawyers are in contact with the Finnish authorities on a regular basis and they have a comprehensive understanding of their processes and practices.

We are here to help your business in terms of

  • Strategic advice
  • Preliminary assessment
  • FDI filings
  • Appeal process
  • Multi-jurisdictional coordination
  • Filings related to real estate acquisitions

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