Sanctions & Export Controls

International sanctions are increasingly being used by individual countries and supranational jurisdictions as a tool to promote different foreign policy objectives, such as human rights, the non-proliferation of weapons of mass destruction, and counterterrorism. Sanctions are also used in combating malicious cyber activities.

Export controls that are imposed on transfers of dual-use technology, software and services have traditionally also pursued the objective of preventing the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and the undesired military use of such technologies. Recently, new objectives, such as the promotion of human rights and counterterrorism activities, have emerged to supplement the more traditional ones.

Comprehensive approach to compliance

Sanctions regimes imposed by different jurisdictions may not always be aligned, which requires a comprehensive approach to compliance especially for businesses that operate in several jurisdictions or have a global supply chain. Similarly, diversifying export control objectives requires for businesses to take into account different legal and policy considerations more broadly.

Setting up measures to ensure compliance with sanctions and export controls is of particular importance for export companies and financial sector entities. Failure to comply with sanctions and export control regulations may lead to significant legal and economic consequences as well as to reputational damage.

How we support your business with our advice

We advise our clients on all matters related to sanctions and export controls. Our services range from individual business transaction analysis to drafting and implementing internal compliance programmes and regulatory training. We also have strong expertise in and are ready to advise on matters related to the licensing processes of controlled goods and technologies. The members of the Sanctions and Export Control team also engage in close cooperation with the experts of our other service areas, such as the members of our Investigations and Financial Institutions & Regulation teams.

Our extensive international network, our China desk, and our offices in New York and London enable us to provide our clients with comprehensive and in-depth advice that covers multiple jurisdictions. With the professional excellence of our China expert Sha Wang and our Sanctions & Export Controls team, we are particularly capable of providing detailed advice relating to sanctions and export control legislation in these specific territories.

Our services include

  • analysing sanctions risks related to individual business transactions with regard to e.g. export items, business partners, exposure to measures imposed by third countries, and compliance with other relevant measures, such as the EU’s blocking statute
  • reviewing contracts and advising on sanctions compliance clauses
  • drafting internal export controls and sanctions compliance guidelines for companies
  • assisting in sourcing strategies
  • assisting in licensing processes
  • providing training in sanctions and export controls

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