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State of the Art Service in Traditional Antitrust and Competition Matters

Borenius’ top-ranked EU & Competition practice has extensive experience in preventing and handling the risks associated with antitrust and competition law matters both domestically and at the EU level. Our team of outstanding individuals has an impressive record advising on cases involving alleged cartels, dominance, restrictive commercial practices and market/sector investigations.

We advise our clients and defend their interests through all stages of an investigation from the launch of an investigation by dawn raid or otherwise through to appeals and follow-on damages actions. We have successfully represented several companies against competition law infringement based damages claims at Finnish courts of law.

We also work with clients to develop and implement competition law compliance guidelines that are tailored specifically to their business and organise in-house “mock dawn raids”. Furthermore, we share our expertise with in-house and corporate lawyers by providing training sessions, and we have developed a web-based competition law e-training programme called Competition Law e-Training.

Successful Merger Control

Merger control is a crucial element in any major M&A process. Our team works with clients to devise their merger strategy, combining commercial, legal and economic considerations to maximise the chance of a successful outcome.

We are regularly involved in some of the most difficult and sensitive merger control cases and are often involved in phase II merger control investigations entailing detailed remedy negotiations. Similarly, where clients’ commercial interests may be negatively affected by a merger between competitors, suppliers or customers, our clients can rely on us to advocate their case effectively at competition authorities.

We also have a proven track record in coordinating multi-jurisdictional merger control proceedings.

Forerunner in the Finnish State Aid Cases

Our practice has extensive experience in advising beneficiaries and the Finnish government in both formal and informal state aid investigations before the EU Commission. We focus a large part of our efforts on preventive advice and case analysis, which is a wise investment for the client in view of the extensive amount of time and resources that an investigation or claim involving state aid usually requires.

State aid rules require case-by-case analysis of a legal framework that undergoes constant change. Understanding state aid rules is vital for the competitors of aid beneficiaries – as well as for the beneficiaries themselves – and for government and municipal authorities. Our direct involvement and the experience gained in major state aid cases over many years allows us to provide clients with informed and decisive advice even in the most challenging cases. Our experts have successfully handled several complex cases, some of which were novel due to special circumstances or a lack of precedents.

Experienced and Innovative Public Procurement Practice

Our team has solid expertise and experience in addressing public procurement issues from the perspective of all those involved in the procurement processes. We aim to provide clear and effective legal advice with a combination of detailed technical legal expertise, innovative thinking and commercial focus.

Our specialists have extensive experience in advising our clients on the application of different procurement processes, models and agreements. We provide day-to-day counselling on procurement law and procedures to suppliers and contracting authorities on a wide range of issues and situations, such as assessing tender requirements, assisting in different phases of the procedure and advising on concession contracts, consortium and alliance agreements, as well as public-private partnerships. An active part of the practice involves representing clients in notable procurement complaints/appeals before the Finnish Market Court and the Supreme Administrative Court.

Expertise in EU Regulation and Proceedings

We also advise our clients on EU law related regulatory and compliance issues as well as on EU proceedings. Our EU regulatory and substance legislation experts cooperate seamlessly as one team to provide our clients with advice on e.g. the following matters:

  • competition
  • free movement
  • credit and finance
  • environment and energy
  • employment
  • VAT and other taxation
  • other matters related to internal markets.

Our experienced lawyers provide our clients with practical insights into EU legislation that are relevant to their business. We act on behalf of clients who operate under EU market and sector regulation, and we regularly represent clients before the relevant authorities and courts with jurisdiction in matters involving EU regulation.

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