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Data & Privacy

Businesses must take an ever-expanding array of legal and regulatory matters involving data into consideration in their daily operations. Our experienced Data & Privacy team is ready to tackle all questions related to GDPR, big data, the Internet of Things, wearable technology, online advertising and data breaches. We understand that managing and protecting data is becoming increasingly important for our clients, particularly as regulators and consumers become more vigilant about how data is processed.

Data protection and privacy

The introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in 2018 put privacy and the protection of personal data on the radar of companies both in the EU and on the global scale. The GDPR has created a raft of new challenges for corporates and particularly for multinational organisations that must comply with a wide range of local data protection and privacy laws.

We have specific expertise in guiding our clients through Finnish and EU-level legal frameworks for data protection and privacy. Our extensive international network enables us to provide advice on local protection issues to our clients around the globe. We advise our clients on a variety of data protection compliance and regulatory matters. Some of the many areas on which we advise our client are listed below.

  • Day-to-day advice on data protection matters, including the interpretation of legal and regulatory requirements in a given context.
  • Data protection compliance audits.
  • Preparation and assessment of data protection policies, procedures and practices to ensure that operational processes are compliant with data protection requirements.
  • Advice on international data transfers, especially those that involve stakeholders in various jurisdictions.
  • Advice on data breach and cybersecurity incidents and investigations, including notifications to authorities and individuals.
  • Electronic communications, such as questions relating to the access to and processing of email communications.
  • Advice on the data protection aspects of commercial arrangements, such as outsourcing arrangements, service provider relationships and R&D operations.
  • Marketing related questions, such as profiling and targeting, electronic marketing and cookie consent requirements.
  • Data related questions in corporate and M&A transactions, e.g. in connection with legal due diligence processes.
  • Data protection training and compliance programmes.
  • Advice on sector-specific regulatory requirements, such as health and patient data, employee data, and electronic communications.

Our expertise in the field of data protection is recognised by leading international legal publications, such as The Legal 500, Chambers Europe and Who’s Who Legal.

Data and the digital economy

We understand that data – whether personal data or other data – has become increasingly important for businesses in various industries and also in terms of global trade and the economy in general. Our experts will provide you with practical and strategic consultation and advice that will generate extra value for your business and operations.

The fast-paced development of powerful technological solutions, such as increased computing power and new artificial intelligence and analytics solutions, has allowed for the development of unprecedented tools for the collection, analysis and usage of massive amounts of data. These ground-breaking solutions have led to an increase in new opportunities attributed to data.

We advise our clients, for example, on

  • the commercialisation of data e.g. through licensing arrangements;
  • co-operation arrangements involving data sharing;
  • the legal aspects of data collection practices e.g. through sensor-equipped machines; and
  • the anonymisation of personal data.