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Borenius’ Investigations service area offers a one-window solution to successfully managing all aspects of domestic or cross-border governmental investigations of any size or type.

We are one of the few law firms that has the proven ability to act as a true multidisciplinary service provider that limits the impacts of an investigation, be it legal, financial, reputational or human. Our clients can trust us to serve as their sole point of contact in the comprehensive management of a crisis.

Our team also offers a cutting-edge internal investigations service. We conduct rigorous stress tests and generate real added value for organisations wishing to ensure compliance or anticipating a governmental investigation. Our services also cover any situations where potential non-compliance has been detected (e.g. whistleblowing cases).

Tailored domestic and cross-border services

Our services are always tailored according to the client’s needs to achieve maximum efficiency and to match an investigation of any size and type. We are ready to represent companies and individuals before all Finnish, foreign and international government and enforcement agencies and legislative bodies. We can also assist you on any multiagency investigations regardless of whether they are based on criminal, civil or administrative law.

Our extensive international network and our offices in New York and London enable our team to act as the managing lead counsel on cross-border investigations spanning several jurisdictions globally.

Multifaceted service offering

At the heart of a successful response to a governmental investigation lies combining market-leading knowledge of the law with the procedural, strategical, business, human and risk-mitigation considerations that arise in every investigation.

Our services, when appropriate, can include:

  • domestic, multijurisdictional and international services;
  • investigation services that are specific to our client’s case, industry sector or the relevant identified trends and most likely “hot spots”;
  • advice on the formation of a multidisciplinary response task force (including recommendations on which entities of the client’s organisation should participate);
  • fact-finding, including witness interviews, electronic discovery, computer forensics, forensic accounting, consultants, investigators and handwriting experts;
  • proactive risk review and regulatory risk gap analysis;
  • advice on techniques and strategies that limit exposure following identified risks and gaps;
  • communication with governmental investigators and securing our client’s fundamental procedural rights, particularly after risks and gaps have been identified;
  • litigation support to respond to issues that arise;
  • public reporting and other disclosure obligations;
  • fiduciary duties towards the board and shareholders;
  • crisis management;
  • mitigating business interruption;
  • prevention of reputational damage and coordinating media attention; and
  • response training, including mock raid training.

We have a proven track record and experience in complex governmental investigations concerning e.g. the following matters:

  • anti-money laundering;
  • asset freezing;
  • sanctions, international trade, export/import violations;
  • antitrust matters;
  • labour law compliance, e.g. working hours and offenses related to work safety and workplace harassment;
  • computer and cybersecurity offenses;
  • privacy laws including GDPR;
  • medicines and healthcare;
  • intellectual property offenses;
  • environmental violations and compliance, ESG;
  • energy and emissions trading;
  • bribery;
  • insurance fraud;
  • procurement fraud;
  • banking and financial institutions;
  • stock and other regulated markets;
  • accounting fraud;
  • tax; and
  • human rights and corporate social responsibility, e.g. action against child labour.